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What is a Hot Diva?

So What is a Hot Diva?


Well let's break it down for you...dictionary style... 


1 Hot Diva

noun / one hot di·va / wʌn hɑ:t di:.və /

  1. a woman with fierce sassitude and an awesome sense of style

That chick in the tube dress sure is one hot diva!
  1. a confident influencer who's not afraid to make a unique style statement

She shut down the haters with her flawless look! Respect to her - she's one hot diva
  1. a woman whose trendsetting style inspires major closet-envy in others

Daymm, girl, I'd trade my soul for those ruffle sweatpants... You are one hot diva!
  1.  a woke girl who knows how to get the latest fashions at affordable prices

Check my outfit, ladies! It's super-cute and cost less than lunch... I am one hot diva.