Top Summer 2020 Trends for When You Can Actually Go Out

Top Summer 2020 Trends for When You Can Actually Go Out

This virus situation seems to be going on forever, right? Lockdown's a drag, you can't see your friends, your beauty regimen's gone out the window, and as for your lewk *ugh* who even knew that daytime pajamas were a thing?

But weep not, Divas, because we're here to brighten your day with a fashion update! When you can actually, finally leave the house and show your beautiful self to the world, you're gonna need to up your style game. For inspo, here are the top summer 2020 trends you'll want to wear.

Dresses All Day Long

When it's hot and you have places to go, you can't beat a summer dress for breezy feels and easy styling. We're talking something you can slip into, throw on your sandals, and be good to go. The sort of dress you'd wear for sightseeing, if you were actually allowed out to play.

Sheer Fabrics in Playful Prints

This look is straight outta the 90s but very summer 2020. See-thru fabrics covered in eye-catching prints like tie-dye, flowers, or butterflies have been spotted on celebs. It's a cool, carefree look that works for day or night.

Creative Crops and Cutouts

Bra tops are trending for summer 2020 and little wonder; after months of lockdown, we're ready to feel the sun on our skin! See also cutout bodysuits and off-the-shoulder, backless dresses. You've been the queen of quarantine; now be the queen of gettin' seen!

(Never) Over the Rainbow

Vibrant colors and mesmerizing patterns are still in favor this season. After the dreary days of lockdown, we could all use a splash of color! Think slinky dresses in paintbox brights, graphic designs in clashing colors, and tropical mini dresses blooming with vivid floral prints.

Peek-a-Boo Shoes

When you can *finally* get that pedi done, celebrate by putting your best foot forward in a pair of peep-toes. Bonus points if your shoes have sky-high heels and come in dreamy summertime colors. Free your feet and look super-sweet! 

Fashionable Face Masks

We couldn't *not* mention this one. Everyone should do their bit when lockdown is finally lifted, but there's no reason you can't look stunning at the same time! Grab yourself a fashionable face mask from our collection and look chic while following the rulez.  

Which trend are you looking forward to wearing post-lockdown? Tell us on social!

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