Let it be known, girl - you've got star quality! It may be that your personality shines bright, or your sense of style is totally catwalk-worthy. Maybe you ooze glamour and sophistication like a vintage Hollywood starlet, or you rock your own modern style that's bold and daring. Perhaps you've got that head-turning sex kitten look that makes the boys drool and the girls know you rule?

Whatever you've got goin' on, we at 1 Hot Diva want you to flaunt it loud and proud! We champion style diversity and fierce, fearless fashion. We want you to own that look and that vibe because you are the inspo for our trendsetting clothing and accessory lines.

1 Hot Diva is effortlessly cool and confidently edgy. She's sassy and unapologetic. She's feminine and free-spirited. And she has an awesome sense of style!

There are women everywhere who embody what our brand stands for. Divas with sassitude who don't let anything stand in the way of their self-expression. Curvy girls who say "no way" to body hang-ups and embrace their bodies for the beautiful things they are. Ladies who love to put their own spin on celebrity styles to get themselves noticed.

Our online fashion store is your one-stop destination for outfit inspiration, literally crammed with exclusive pieces you'll *ASAP* want to fill your closet with. From the latest celebrity-inspired trends at affordable prices to empowering curvy fashion styles, we know what our Divas want and we bring it.

So start shopping, Divas! Get your hands on our must-have fashions and you'll be looking hot-to-trot. Turn on the spotlight, strike a pose, and strut like the star you are!

In love with our products? Want to showcase your unique look to the world? Connect with us right here!

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