As y'all know, divas, we're always at the forefront of affordable fashion, bringing you the hottest new season styles at purse-friendly prices. We know that shaking up your closet for spring and summer is a must, but uh, so is saving for that vacay. So here's our pick of the spring/summer 2019 trends that will blow your mind, not your budget.

Animal Magic

Snakes, tigers, leopards, zebras... it's a jungle out there. Everyone who's anyone is dressing top-to-tail in animal print. Tiger comes out top but snake print has also slithered onto dresses, boots, coats, and bags. Colors are mainly classic browns, but pops of primary color are evident too.

Hello Highlighters

Remember those fluorescent pens you had at school? Well, this season y'all gonna be wearin' em. Acid yellow, Florida orange, lime green, and eye-popping pink are everywhere, in block colors for max impact. Neons sizzle on hot summer nights but also work for day with cargo pants.

Denim Redone

From deconstructed and distressed to smart and tailored, denim done gone and got a makeover. Think oversized jackets, relaxed-look bleached-out jeans, and *whisper it* double denim. Lol wut? It's cool now, mmmkay?

Slogans and Logos

Smartass slogans on tees and total logomania on literally everything; this is streetwise streetwear for hip young things. Wear catchy catchphrases that range from the nonsensical to the nostalgic, or get branded for a 90s throwback look.

Total Texture

Lamé or latex: what's your thing? Crinkly, flowy lamé can be worn as a stand-alone statement piece or head-to-toe holy woah. In tinfoil and candy wrapper colors, you'll shimmer and shine. Latex is the opposite: wet-look, slinky, and so very sexy - clubwear for divas who dare!

Sweet Sorbet

Choose your fave flavor with this tasty trend! Pistachio, peach, limón, soft raspberry, and violet cream shades rule on either floaty or structured silhouettes. Lip-smackingly lovely!

Check Me Out

Dressing like a checkered flag just became cool. With oversized checks in crisp black and white, this look is an elegant update to the motorsports trend and also gives a nod to retro 60s chic.

I See You

Transparent apparel and accessories are a mix of subtle and statement and, when paired with neons, make for futuristic streetwear. Grab a see-through jacket that protects you from spring showers but lets your outfit shine through.


What's your favorite new spring/summer 2019 trend?

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